Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Animation

Check out this lovely animation made by Rohan Wadham and the Catfish Collective, for Lapland UK.

Figures and the majority of illustrations were done by Caio Bracey and Helen Schroeder.

If you watch as far as the teddy bears, they're mine! So are a few other bits and bobs, but the teddy bears are my favourite. It's definitely a privilege to see my work contributing to an animation like this.

Monday, 10 December 2012

A is for Azathoth

I'm going to do a full series of drawings from H.P Lovecraft's "Cthulu mythos," an ABC of the genre. I started listening to some recordings of his books quite recently and thought they were a bit trashy but a lot of fun all the same, now I can't get enough!

M.R James and Algernon Blackwood are what drew my interest to "strange tales" but their terrors are subtle and best left unseen by the reader. Lovecraft on the overhand abounds with cavorting, otherworldly tentacles, who could resist!