Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Michelham Priory Gatehouse

I'm just back from the opening of Michelham Priory's latest feature, an exhibit from ESAMP bringing together aspects of medieval; life, craft and industry; on information panels and a variety of physical activities to get involved in! drawing, rubbings, timber joints, cooking recipes and floor tile puzzles. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

To kick things off there was an introductory talk from Sussex Past about new works going on at the site and the importance of providing visitors with a variety of avenues into the material, rather than just papering the walls with text! This happened in a wonderful Elizabethan barn.

Here's a picture of the interior, during the set-up, amazing roof beams.

Some pictures of the interior of the gatehouse; the tables and benches, made with hand tools and activities dotted around the room, really prevent the room from being a transitory experience and just looked fantastic.

ESAMP had commissioned me to do illustrations for their information panels. It was a really fun project to be involved with, I've longed for a reason to do some medieval style illustrations and this was exactly what was requested. Here is an example of one of the panels with its activity, timber joints.

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