Monday, 22 April 2013

Neroche, Quarries

This is the final illustration that I made for the Neroche Scheme. It shows two types of quarrying evident in the Neroche landscape:

On the left, quarrying of blocks from limestone pavement, just below the surface soil. The jointing of the limestone exposed at the surface must have made it easier to quarry, these can be seen today as shallow, overgrown trenches.

The drawing on the right, shows a marl pit. Before modern fertilisers and in addition to dung, marl was spread on the fields to improve the soil quality. Marl pits were not used indefinitely as they could flood relatively quickly, they are often seen as ponds today. Their shape is normally defined by a shallow sloping ramp down to the quarry floor, the working face would normally mushroom out from this, sometimes described as a T shape.

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